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Dash app deployment


I’m in the process of completing a Dash app (with MySQL backend database) that I’ve been developing for a department in an organization when I was informed that the company’s platforms are Windows, SQL Server, ASP.NET, IIS and Javascript. They specifically told me to convert or rewrite my Dash python code using ASP.NET framework or javascript. Otherwise, the app will not be deployed.

I must add that this is my first time developing a web-based visualization app. I’ll really appreciate any good advice from anyone with relevant experience.

You might want to check out [solved] Deploy dash on IIS error

That will be a ton of work and because it’s so much work, is one of the main motivations for writing Dash in the first place.

In the future, I’d like to have a pure JavaScript implementation of Dash. I have a small work in progress here: but it’d be quite a bit of work to make this possible. If your organization or company would like to sponsor this development and make this happen, please reach out:

Otherwise, you could attempt to write a ASP.NET backend for dash’s front-end by creating a ASP.NET server that responds to Dash’s front-end API. This would be a ton of work as well. Dash’s front end is here:

Finally, you can license the Dash Deployment Server so that IT or devops doesn’t have to be involved in deploying these apps. This is what we’ve built for our Fortune 5000 companies with complex IT departments. More information on this here:

Thanks for your swift response. I’ll review the options you provided and decide on the best way forward.