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[solved] Deploy dash on IIS error

On IIS, my flask app run good, the code like:

when i replace the code with dash demo code , the app run error, the demo code :
the error infomation is :

the demo code works fine when debug on local python envirment

Do i need to change something when i change the flask demo code to dash demo code ?

From the traceback, it looks like an issue in importing ipython. I’m not sure what the underlying issue is here. For now, if you don’t need IPython on the deployment server, you could just uninstall it. Then, the import will get skipped.

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I uninstalled the Ipython package as you said, but a new issue occurred as followed:

"Dash" object is not callable usually means that the wsgi server is trying to use the app as the server instead of the underlying flask instance.

Try setting

server = app.server

and referring to that as the server instance. For more info, see

I am new to flask and dash, when I try to implement the app on IIS, I also got the same error. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

you can try chriddyp’s first answer! For his second answer I have not try for now, maybe later when I have more time :grinning:

See [solved] Dash on IIS 8 - TypeError: 'Dash' object is not callable for some more context and another solution.

It works!!! Thanks so much!

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