Is the dash website written in dash, and does that make sense?

pretty basic question: Is the website for dash ( written in dash? Or is dash embedded inside the tutorials?

I came to that question, because my app is kind of growing and going through some growing pains. I now started to build a Django-backend, leaving behind my old csv shenanigans with which I came up in my prototyping phase. As you (might) know, you can use Dash with Django using another library. I started wondering, whether this is the right call for me, or if I have to begrudgingly leave Dash behind and get myself to learn ‘proper’ React.

So the question is also a question to creators and the community about the limits and purposes of Dash. For a dashboard? Yes, any day. For an interactive website? I want to say yes to that as well, but I’m not sure.
What would be the most complex web app that you guys and gals would be confidently building in Dash? Would you rather build components for Dash if needed or just switch to native React instead of creating a number of components?

Happy to hear from you!