When does it make sense to use dash

I’m fairly new to web development, but from what I know now, applications can be split between: server and serverless tech. Seems like some of the stuff that Dash does can also be implemented with no server using javascript and jQuery. Am I missing something?

So I’m curious, when does it make sense to use Dash and introduce the server overhead that comes with it?

Mainly if you have to use large datasets that have to be put on charts, in tables or graphs as it neatly integrates with plotly graphing library.

Also if you are familiar with Python but don’t have JavaScript and/or HTML skills, then Dash allows web development in pure Python.

Also writing dynamic one-page webapps with Dash is extremely easy using its callbacks.

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@radekwlsk thanks for the reply. I was wondering though more along the lines of whether there is any specific dashboarding designs that are impractical without Dash, and on the flip side, if there are any dashboards where Dash might be overkill and if there are server free alternatives.

For example, couldn’t I still use the Plotly graphing library, but implement dropdowns using Bootstrap?