Context Menu on Cytoscape

Sorry for reviving this thread a little. But I am struggling to follow your outline here for getting a working context menu to appear on a right click. Do you know where I might find an example of a context menu being used (for example, I am trying to get a context menu to appear in a cytoscape component, and, as a working example for my own knowledge, change the color of a node from one of a few options from the menu. But I am struggling to even get the position of the right-click event to be stored properly…)?

Hello @slooshwoosh,

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Could you please post an example of what you are trying to do?

Thanks for the response! What I am trying to do is understand how I might add a right-click context-menu to to a Cytoscape component in a way that let’s me to use python functions as callbacks for the context-menu options. Really, I am hoping for an (ideally) working example of how to accomplish this. So, as an self-educational task I have been trying to add a context menu to a simple network graph that would allow me to, say, change the color of a node based on the selected option in the context-menu. But I haven’t had any luck. And was hoping someone could point me towards an example that utilizes a right-click context menu in a cytoscape component. Is such a thing possible?