Right-click Context Menu from DataTable

Hi, I want to create a right-click context menu from a Dash DataTable (with callbacks of course). So for example the DataTable has a list of stocks and right-click displays a context menu with [“Buy”, “Sell”] etc. Any ideas/methods/workarounds appreciated.

@dashfan48 tried the exact same question here with no replies (Right-click custom context menu?) so I’m just throwing it back out there.

From this post it looks like Context Menu used to be part of dash_html_components at one point but was removed ("Menu" element missing from html_components? - #4 by Peter_S). It’s quite a standard feature though so I’d be surprised if it’s not doable somehow.


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I saw the right-click menu on https://chart-studio.plotly.com/create/#/
but dont know how to, I really need this feature in my dash table project.