Status of dash-cytoscape


Does anyone know if the dash-cytoscape project is still supported? I was about to use it in a project but it looks like there are a host of PRs that haven’t been merged, and the last release was over 2 years ago - I was specifically looking at the ability to use a context menu, which led me to this PR:

Good question!
@alexcjohnson might be able to answer…

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Hi there @aelder! Happy to say that yes, the project is still supported, and you should watch it closely over the next two months. While there has been a lapse in maintenance, the project has just received external sponsorship to fund development of a host of features and bug fixes.

This will include the context menu you are referring to, although I am not sure it will be implemented directly as it is in that PR.

We’ll be merging open PRs, closing some issues, and the major new functionality includes an integration between Dash Cytoscape and Leaflet.js. I’ll post a note in this thread when there is more information!


@nathandrezner could you give us an update on the development situation of dash-cytoscape?

hi @Ancymon
The Cytoscape+Leaflet PR is almost done. Then, there are a few more minor steps before it’ll be ready to release, so probably several more weeks.