Confidentiality concerns in dash apps

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My beloved plotly community members
We recently transferred to a new hospital, the owner wants me to design a real time hospital performance dashboard with dash my question for you is that : how can I address the confidentiality concerns my manager has when developing and deploying this web application
Please help me with your ideas and suggestions
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Hi @Bahageel88 I think any application / dashboard should be designed with those concerns in mind. I guess for medical domain more so. I know for the US there is HIPAA to comply to if you are dealing with patient information. I guess it all depends on what you are trying to dashboard. If you are just tracking anonymized data like how many treatments per specialization,. How many waiting time, etc things are totally different as to handling health stats of patients. I think it’s best to consult a specialist about these regulations. Also, its a total approach, if not just the “dash”-board :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much indeed
The metrics we would like to display on this dashboard are not related to patients information
It’s related to revenues , occupancy rates and so

Hello @Bahageel88,

Yes, you can lock down the app to be a per user level of permissions. Another thing to do, would be to avoid using local storage as well.

Honestly, since this is for a hospital, they may think about using Dash Enterprise for their compliance needs.


Excellent idea
Can I add access password during the development and deployment where users with this password can access the dashboard?
Do you have any suggestions
Thanks any ways
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Hi @Bahageel88,

Please make a search on the forum, this has been discussed many times.

One example: Show and Tell: full authentication flow example, dash-auth-flow


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Thank you very much indeed I will look at them and give feedback as to whether they are sufficient to address these confidentiality concerns