Collapsible treeview of hierarchical data

I search a module which allow me to select hierarchical structured data. I’ve a dataset with 5 sub-categories, which I want to make selectable by a checkbox structure.

The ant_treeview_component is very similar to my needs, but isn’t maintained anymore.

Is it possible to reach my goal with a dash component or solution?

@CNFeffery is working on a Dash Ant Design components library:

Not sure what the status is, I’ve never used it. But the repo was updated a few days ago, so it’s still maintained. Maybe you can give it a try and report back?


Thanks for that hint. I’m not familiar with chinese language. Maybe he has some information in english. Antd has exactly the functions I’m looking for besides the problem that I want to read the children elements from a database or datafile directly and not configure manually.

It now has more than 90 functional components in feffery-antd-components, almost all modern web page functions can be satisfied with it.

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You can offer some demo data in my github repository via issues, I’m glad to provide you with examples.

@CNFeffery Interesting approach to integrate antd in Plotly. It would be really helpful, if you translate your github page to english, so that we can test your solution.

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I got your component and can’t use it, then I’m from Wuhu, South Anhui. Hope to get your help

You can find my contact information on fac’s document website

Tested your app and it works great. I used AntdTreeSelect. Now it would be could, if I could customize the hierarchical elements further and create a third or fourth hierarchical element.

Hello everyone. trying to build a hierarchical dropdown. Since the github page is in chinense, I could use some help or any demo example for a hierarchical dropdown, with multiselect and searchable options? Any lead will be really helpful for me.


Chrome does a very good job of translating the page into English, ditto the extensive documentation at The treeview doc is at feffery-antd-components在线文档, but you might also need to look at the getting started example at feffery-antd-components在线文档.


I’m trying to get my head around this at the moment - I have the basic treeview example working but can’t get Antd icons to work (e.g. specifying ‘icon’: ‘antd-cloud-server’ in a child node doesn’t work for me). I think there must be some import or registration needed that I can’t find the doc for - if anyone can help with that it would be much appreciated.

Apologies to @CNFeffery , my icon problem was me stupidly missing that I had to specify showIcon=True.

I’m still at an early stage learning this, but I’m beginning to like this a lot