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Multilevel tree drop down

I have been using Dash for couple of weeks now and I am finding it easy to configure. But, one thing I was looking is a tree structured drop down. We do have multi select option available, but for my use case a tree drop down suits the best. Any idea on how do I go about incorporating this kind of a drop down?

do you mean dropdown_menu in bootstrap ?:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for replying @jimmybow . More like the below:

With two levels of drill down into the options. Any method to use dropdown_menu or other dropdown to mimick the above behaviour?

there is no one design that advanced component currently.:slightly_smiling_face:
maybe you can use bootstrap dropdown_menu in dropdown_menu…

+1 for this component. @monishaj93 how did you go?


bit late to the game, but saw this message while looking for the exact same thing.
Turns out you can whip up something that is at least acceptable for a prototype app (which mine is).
Like @jimmybow pointed out (thanks for pointing me in the right direction!), you can use a dropdownmenu from the bootstrap components and it allows to put a form inside of it, in which you can add the treeview component, like so:

                        'title': 'Root',
                        'key': '0',
                        'children': get_root_asset_tree()
            ], row=True, className="pl-3 pr-4")

In the example, get_root_asset_tree() is just a method of mine to retrieve the entire tree.
Had to use padding classes to make it display inside the menu though.

Hope it helps anyone.

edit: guess I forgot a Form element (not verbatim code btw, I might’ve made a copypasta mistake)