Choropleth empty map


I was plotting a choropleth map with custom coordinates on my dash app and it was working perfectly as intended! I ported the code over to an offline environment, and I am unable to produce the choropleth map.

  1. It is not an issue with the code or geojson / df. The exact piece of code and files works on my original online environment.

  2. The choropleth is a rather large set containing around 10000 regions. Testing on 1 region, the plot renders instantly (albeit still empty). Plotting all 10000 takes around ~2 seconds to render, which makes me think that it is understanding the choropleth structure, it just isn’t displaying the plot.

Any advice is welcome.

Do you get an error in the JS console? Do you see the same error in dash-leaflet?

I am using python, and I am not using dash-leaflet unfortunately