Cheapest way to deploy

I have a multipage Dash app (about 4 pages) that uses MySQL (4 databases that could be combined into one) and MongoDB although I could refactor it to use MySQL only.
What is the cheapest way to deploy such apps?
I need it for at least six months. I have not containerized anything as I don’t have much experience with Docker but is using Docker going to lower the costs? Like a container for the app, container for MySQL and container for Nginx? I’m a bit over my head here.

It is a nutrition app so I need it to be scalable just in case I start getting more users.

Heroku is free for small apps and 7 bucks a month after that:

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Thanks @chriddyp, did the whole CircleCI pipeline and Selenium automated testing → Heroku free tier here:
Dash Bio is awesome!