Bootstrap.min.css external style sheet for server with no internet access


I have a suite of web apps which take a long time (of the order 1-2 minutes) to load as the app is requesting the bootstrap CSS files from the jsdelivr CDN. Because the servers where these apps are accessed are on a local network only, the files are never retrieved and the apps run with default styling (which can be spotted easily as the checkboxes do not render as toggle switches, for example).

To get around this problem, I can follow the links which point to the bootstrap.min.css stylesheet and place it in the app’s assets directory. Although this does fix some of the issues with improper component rendering, there are still some notable differences, and the spacing of some components changes drastically and moves a lot of things around.

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone knew why this discrepancy exists? I assumed because I downloaded the exact file which is requested from the CDN that the styling would be identical.


Hello @Henryp1997,

What happens if you use the non-min version?

Hi @jinnyzor, thanks for your reply, unfortunately I still see the same behaviour with bootstrap.css. I’m mostly confused about the difference between accessing the CDN for the stylesheet compared to downloading it locally - I don’t expect there to be differences in the layout between these two cases