Best practice for multiple Dash apps running on Windows (non-server)

Hi all,

First, let me say how much Dash has fundamentally changed the way I do my work, and has allowed me to revolutionize the way we use our data at my company.

Currently, I host about 15 different Dash apps on my local network, and they all reside on a (corporate-dictated) Windows machine, and are hosted via Waitress.

Being a manager for an Engineering function, and not IT, I don’t have access to Linux machines or server space. The IT team doesn’t know how to support Python and isn’t interested in hosting anything non-.NET.

Additionally, I manage all my applications by creating a windows scheduled task to launch on login.

I’m getting by right now, but I feel like my existing process isn’t super sustainable. Is there anyone that has a recommendation to improve on my situation, whether it’s improved uptime or ease of application management?

Long-term I’d like to convince my company to use the Dash Enterprise software, but as the sole Dash user currently, justification is tough.

Thanks in advance all!