Best practices for multiple Dash apps

I’m currently running a few Dash apps based on Dash DataTables. I’m wondering what the best practice would be for hosting multiple datatables on a single server. Right now, I have one per app - each dashboard has its own Waitress and thus its own port. I have a main page (also with its own Waitress) that has links that point to all of these different dashboards.

My question is about the best way to host multiple apps. Should I use a single for all of my dashboards, using a pathname callback to return the correct layout, or should I have a separate for each dashboard.

Some context on the type of dashboard/workload - all of these are live-updates tables that read a csv file every few seconds (this file is updated by an independent asynchronous script every 4-10 minutes) and do some sorting/processing, add a few countdown columns, do some row and cell styling in addition to a dropdown callback to filter data based on column values.


I’m just going to follow this thread as it is also relevant o my interest.