Host multiple dashboards on single server

We are hosting a dash dashboard on a server by using this manual here, which is working perfectly. Now we want the same server to also host another dashboard that lives in the same codebase. The two dashboards are very different content-wise. A few things to note:

  • Ideally, we would like to reach the different dashboards by entering the url with either /dashboard1 or /dashboard2 behind it. Preferably with a home page that helps navigation. Although I’m open to other solutions
  • When a user navigates to a home-page or to dashboard1, the callbacks from dashboard2 should NOT be triggered (otherwise this could really slow everything down).
  • I briefly tried the multip-page apps feature, which seems to do a lot of what I want to achieve. However, the basic example on that page left me with two issues: When I load the Home page, the callback of the gets triggered. This goes against the previous point. Furthermore, I don’t want the pages to load as a sub-part of the home page. I want the content of the home screen removed when I navigate to the specific dashboard.

Achieving this feels really doable, but I’m lacking the knowledge on how best to tackle this. I hope someone can help!

Hello @Noone234,

Yes. This is possible, there shouldn’t be an issue with loading the callbacks for 1 page verse another.

If you are only wanting to alter the data but have the same layouts, etc. Have you taken a look at say blueprints or using pattern-matching for the callback structure?

Hi jinnyzor,

Thanks for your response. I managed to solve the problems!

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