🍂 Autumn Community App Challenge

App looks amazing, really like how did you use dash leaflet to make map with cluster and then return charts when clicking on point.


Hi there Plotly Community :wave:
Thanks for setting up this new challenge, the dataset was quite fun to play with.
Already a couple of beautiful apps have been submitted :star_struck:

Below is a GIF of my app.
I deployed it on Heroku and you can access it here.
And here’s the GitHub repo.

In case you miss it, the cards that have this symbol :cyclone: can be dragged and dropped around the page.



Hi @adamschroeder and community,
I’d love to send my multipage application for :fallen_leaf: Autumn community app challenge which I deployed on Heroku Link to application

Link for my GitHub Repo:

Screenshots for my application:

@hoatran thanks for showing me how can I plot the county graphs with help of plotly :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:


Wow your app looks amazing, I like change theme function :+1:. I’m very glad that my code can help you in completing your app.

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thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: @hoatran the ThemeChangerAIO is developed by @AnnMarieW You should definitely try it :slight_smile:


Here is the code to my app. I was not able to deploy it onto Heroku, because of multiple issues.
I was not able to install fbprophet (used for forecasting) in my virtual environment, therefore it is not available in the ‘requirements.txt’ file. You need to install fbprophet through ‘Anaconda’ - that is the easiest way.
Just to reiterate, fbprophet needs to installed after installing the libraries in the ‘requirements.txt’ file to get the app to work!!

The app consists of 3 sections which include 13 pages.
The ‘Insights’ section has the filters packed into an ‘OffCanvas’ component which can be accessed by clicking on

You may have to increase your browser resolution for a stable display of all the pages.



Here is the GitHub repository : GitHub - joao82/iowa-dashboard

Link of the app on Heroku: https://iowadashboard.herokuapp.com


Hi @jhupiterz, I love your ‘Overview’ page where we can click on a county and get the information/data viz just for that county. Super cool!

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Welcome to the community, Joao (@Joao82) and thank you for the app submission.

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Thank you for everyone’s apps; it’s amazing what some of you have been able to create. The deadline has been reached and submissions are now closed.

A team of Plotly staff members will review the apps and decide on the top 3 winners by the third week of October.

Stay tuned.

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Thanks @deepa-shalini ! Your app is very impressive too and great design :star_struck: Bravo!

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