Access Data Files Stored in the Cloud

Dear Forum,
I have a Dash App that allows the user to select from a number data files - it obviously works on the local machine, but for deployment I’m not sure how to allow Dash to access the contents of any of the following: Shared Google Drive, Shared Dropbox Folder, AWS storage, something else? It should enable them to see the folder contents and select the data file they want. I don’t want users to upload files. Is there a way to accomplish this?

The pre-made Chooser component by Dropbox may be helpful for Dropbox integration.

Google Drive makes a Picker that may be helpful.

All of these services offer APIs you can integrate with, S3 being the easiest. I’d just use the API to pull down the file tree and a download link for each of the files in that file tree. Then create some way for users to click on those links. Maybe a table of file name, location, size, and download link would work.

Thanks for the very prompt response. I’ll look into these methods. Surely, there would be a way to put these links into the dcc.dropdown :wink: