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How to access an uploaded dataset for analysis

Thank you very much for Dash! I am working on my first app, which is supposed to be a dashboard where my users can upload files, the file would be cleaned using python functions and graphs plotted. I dont know how to access the uploaded files in a dataframe. My current solution involve me hard-coding the dataframe in my script, this wouldn’t be suitable for deployment.

I have gone through the Upload component tutorial which cover returning texts and tables, I would like to access the actual dataframe and clean it with functions instead.

How can I go about this? I know its trivial, but I just cant find the solution.

import dash_core_components as dcc
import dash_html_components as html
import dash
from dash.dependencies import Input, Output
#from pandas_datareader import data as web
#from datetime import datetime as dt

from dataclean import *

def sharepoint(filename):

    import pandas as pd
    data = pd.read_excel(str(filename), sheet_name=2)
    rows_to_drop = ['Current SharePoint 2010 sites'
    ,'     Not migrating to 365 (locked)',
    '     Migration to 365 complete (locked)',
                '     Stale (may not need to be migrated)',
       'Total Active Site collections (2010 & O365 sites)',
                 'Sites Created by Group creation process',
                      'O365 sites - shell - informational']
    data.drop(labels = rows_to_drop, inplace=True)
    data.dropna(inplace = True)

    return data

# temporary solution cos I dont know how to access files uploaded
SP = sharepointclean('SPMigrationsandy.xlsx')

app = dash.Dash()

app.layout = html.Div(children = [html.Div(children = html.H1(children = 'Office 365 Adoption Dashboard', style = {'textAlign': 'center'})) ,
                                dcc.Markdown('Please upload the files in the respective boxes'),
                                dcc.Upload(  id='upload-od4b',children=html.Div(['Drag and Drop Onedrive file or ',   html.A('Select Files')]),
                                            style={'width': '40%','height': '30px','lineHeight': '30px','borderWidth': '1px',
                                            'borderStyle': 'dashed','borderRadius': '5px','textAlign': 'center','margin': '10px'},
                                dcc.Upload(  id='upload-sccm',children=html.Div(['Drag and Drop SCCM file or ',   html.A('Select Files')]),
                                            style={'width': '40%','height': '30px','lineHeight': '30px','borderWidth': '1px',
                                            'borderStyle': 'dashed','borderRadius': '5px','textAlign': 'center','margin': '10px'},
                                dcc.Upload(  id='upload-sharepoint',children=html.Div(['Drag and Drop Sharepoint file or ',   html.A('Select Files')]),
                                            style={'width': '40%','height': '30px','lineHeight': '30px','borderWidth': '1px',
                                            'borderStyle': 'dashed','borderRadius': '5px','textAlign': 'center','margin': '10px'},
                                dcc.Upload(  id='upload-exchange',children=html.Div(['Drag and Drop Exchange file or ',   html.A('Select Files')]),
                                            style={'width': '40%','height': '30px','lineHeight': '30px','borderWidth': '1px',
                                            'borderStyle': 'dashed','borderRadius': '5px','textAlign': 'center','margin': '10px'},
                                dcc.Dropdown(id='my-dropdown',options = [{'label': 'Onedrive for Business', 'value': 'OD4B'},
                                                        {'label':'SCCM', 'value':'sccm'},
                                                        {'label':'Sharepoint', 'value':'SP'},
                                                        {'label':'Exchange', 'value':'EXC'}], value = 'OD4B'),


@app.callback(Output('my-graph', 'figure'), [Input('my-dropdown', 'value')])
def update_graph(selected_dropdown_value):
    if selected_dropdown_value =='SP':
        return  {'data': [{'y': SP['Active SP2010 site collections'],'x': SP.index, 'name':'Active SP2010 sites'},
                          {'y': SP['Active O365 site collections'],'x': SP.index, 'name':'Active O365 sites'}],
                         'layout': {'title': 'Sharepoint Migration'}}

if __name__ == '__main__':

You can probably extend parse_contents function from upload example.
if saves uploaded file in df variable which you can clean up and process as you wish.
Or save file to DB for further processing:

elif ‘xls’ in filename:
# Assume that the user uploaded an excel file
df = pd.read_excel(io.BytesIO(decoded))
df.to_sql(‘table1’, conn, if_exists=‘replace’, index=False )