Local directory access

I’m working on a dashboard for an energy simulation software that pulls from several large databases (500mb+ each) within a local or network project folder. I obviously don’t want to pass around this much data through the server and various callbacks, nor do I want to recache it each time the data is updated.

I have the back-end developed where individual reports can be filtered and then the requested fields (generally much smaller in size) are passed via data frame into dash callbacks/hidden div’s. All of this works in Dash, but right now the user has to manually enter the folder directory via a dcc.Input, which feels janky and may be unintuitive to some users. Is there a better way to accomplish this? Ideally I’d like a pop up browse/select folder type dialog.

Another thought is to drag any file from the folder into the dcc.upload component as a dummy, then just cancel the upload and return the file location for further processing.

Any thoughts?

Perhaps display a dropdown populated with the file tree? Using something like os.listdir.

Would love to see a screenshot or a demo of the app, sounds cool!