Wrong color for markers with scattergl

Hi all, I’m having problem with scattergl, I have around 1k7 data points and it renders fine with scatter but with scattergl, lots of data points are white and hence not visible on the chart unless I hover over it and look at the tooltip. Here’s the issue: https://jsfiddle.net/u58s4p9c/8/

Where exactly is this?
If you ask my opinion on why you are observing such values is because of your hovermode.
If you can write on your code:
const layout = { hovermode: 'closest', }
Add this to:
Plotly.newPlot('gauge', data, layout, {displaylogo: false});
If you are still sure that, you’ve some invisible markers, you can tell me the exact x values to look at, and perhaps I can help.