ScatterGL Markers Not Displaying On Update

I have a ScatterGL graph object which I am updating by a slider. I have been comfortably plotting 250k+ points relatively quick with no problem; however, when I filter the dataframe and update the ScatterGL graph with new points (can only be a handful) the majority of them are not visible, yet the hover information is still there for the points.

Please see the screenshots, with the second showing only 1 out of the 3 markers that should be there when I filter for >160 on the X axis.

43 01

Relevant pieces of code are as follows:
Graph element:

‘displayModeBar’: False

Callback return:
return {
‘data’: [{
‘x’ : dff[‘x’],
‘y’ : dff[‘yt’],
‘text’ :dff[‘Name’],
‘type’: ‘scattergl’,
‘mode’: ‘markers’

It is worth noting that if I switch the mode to ‘lines+markers’ the lines appear at the right points but the markers disappear.