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Scattergl query

I’m trying to plot a 1x2 subplot with plotly using scattergl for at least one of the plotted traces (which has 50k points or so - hence seeking to use webgl). On one subplot I have a single trace (filled area). On the other I have the 50k points trace, plus a simple line trace (1:1 line), and a filled area trace (error bounds). If I do not use webgl at all, this is what I get, which is what I’m seeking:

If I instead use scattergl for only the one 50k-point trace, but scatter for all others, only the 50k-point trace is visible, but none of the others are, and there appears to be two charts (or at least two sets of axis labels) overlaid on one another within each subplot:

If I use scattergl for all traces, I get only the line and 50k trace showing, and the [1,1] y axis label is wonky:

It seems that scattergl is not functioning particularly well. The problematic traces are generated for example via the following (or the Scatter() equivalent):
trace = [Scattergl(x=x+x_rev,y=y_up+y_lo,fill=‘toself’,fillcolor=‘rgba(255, 102, 0,0.2)’,
Can anyone tell me if I might be using it incorrectly? Or is it just not yet as well developed as SVG?
Thanks in advance,

I’ve opened a github ticket. This happens when you mix Scattergl with another type of trace.…