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Maltab figure to plotly with scattergl trace type

Hi, so I’m sure I’m just missing something obvious, but I’m trying to plot largeish (<100k points) datasets, which are very slow to render using a ‘scatter’ trace type. I#m trying to get round this by using scattergl, but can’t actually seem to create a plotlyfig with this trace type. Can someone give me some pointers? or even point me to the right place in the docs?

I’m trying this:

fig=plotlyfig(gcf, ‘type’, ‘scattergl’, ‘offline’, true)

ans =

struct with fields:

     xaxis: 'x1'
     yaxis: 'y1'
      type: 'scatter'
   visible: 1
         x: [1×26304 datetime]
         y: [1×26304 double]
      name: 'pr.pl.Plant_Seekirchen.bl.general.d.teAmb'
      mode: 'lines+markers'
      line: [1×1 struct]
    marker: [1×1 struct]
showlegend: 1