Workflow for packaging plotly-toolpanel

I’m thrilled to see that the plotly-toolpanel is now also openly available, that’s great news!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to package it, owing to my unfamiliarity with the required toolchain.

Here’s what I tried:

  1. Check out plotly-toolpanel into a new directory: git clone
  2. Change into the src/js directory: cd plotly-toolpanel/js
  3. Try to run browserify using browserify dependencies.js --standalone toolpanel -o toolpanel-dependencies-bundle.js
  4. Whenever browserify complains about a missing dependency, install it:
    a. npm install jquery
    b. npm install jquery-ui
    c. npm install bootstrap
    d. npm install boostrap-select
    e. npm install jquery-ui-spinner This is the first roadblock: npm complains that 'jquery-ui-spinner' is not in the npm registry. I tried to sidestep the problem by commenting out the require('jquery-ui-spinner'); line
    f. npm install tipsy
    g. npm install spectrum
  5. After all the requirements have been npm installed, try to run browserify dependencies.js --standalone toolpanel -o toolpanel-dependencies-bundle.js again. However, I now get the complaint Error: Cannot find module 'tipsy', even though I have installed it.

Could someone with more experience in these matters give me a hint on how to solve this?

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