Bower install non-minified plotly.js

Working on a project that uses angular-plotly which has a dependency on the bower package plotly.js. Installing plotly.js from bower pulls in a dep on plotly.min.js, which in turn causes our minification process to hang using uglify.

Is there an accepted methodology to satisfy the plotly.js dependency while not pulling in an already minified version?

I guess we could change this line to dist/plotly.js.

I’m not sure what’s the standard way of listing files in bower.json

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That would be hugely helpful! As far as standards, every other library we use pulls in the non-minified version (which also lets us debug in a dev env) leaving the onus of minification prior to deployment on the build process.

This is a fairly well documented issue, and has resulted in another fork at due to the bug documented at

What are your thoughts?

Probably overkill, but in case it provides background and/or speeds things up some add’l info my a pull request to my fork at

Thanks for accepting the pull request. Reviewing the 1.23.1. changelog it looks like the change should be included, but I’m not seeing the change included in the 1.23.1 tag.

In this release, bower.json still shows the minified version.