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Workaround for downloadImage with Edge

Hi everyone, so I found this:
Is there any other workaround/best practice for Plotly.downloadImage to work for Edge currently, or do I have to incorporate the changes in the PR to the plotly source by myself?

EDIT: To be more precise: Plotly.downloadImage works for IE/Edge with SVG, but not for PNG. What would be the best approach to make PNG-downloads work? :slight_smile:

That’s probably the best you can do at the moment. I’m not 100% sure actually gets things to work probably though.

Better yet, it would be nice to resurrect Looks like we scared off the author with our reviews comments, but it shouldn’t be too hard to bring it to the finish line.

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Thank you very much for clearing this up!
Highcharts doesn’t seem to support PNG download for IE 11 either, but it does for MS Edge. So if we could make this work for Edge it would be fabulous!

For now I guess I’ll scare off Edge-users by a browser-check modal =(…