Where to find developers for short term projects

Hi All

I looked around this forum for job related postings and couldn’t find any rules about posting. Please accept my apologies if its against forum rules to post about work.
We are looking for a developer to work on a Dash App for us. If anyone can point me to a resource for this please let me know.
Otherwise please contact me directly if you (or someone you know) are available for short term work.

Could you elaborate on the project(s)? A few more details on their nature and scope might help attract the appropriate developers :slight_smile:

Hi Emil

It is about demand prediction for new products. We have a bunch of ML models and need to organize and present the results.
We have three pages wireframed and basically need the wireframes implemented. The tech is Dash, Pandas, Tensorflow, SQLIte, Bootstrap.

Hope that helps. I didn’t want to flood the message board if job postings are not permitted.



Job postings are definitely allowed! Hope that folks reach out for your project :slight_smile: