Where to add selectedpoints to highlight points in violin plot

Hi Im trying to highlight the most recent datapoint (last in the column via tail argument) in a violin plot in plotly. Though I dont know were to put the selectedpoints argument. Here is my code (which doesnt highlight btw :wink:

fig <- df %>%
    y = ~v.x,
    type = 'violin',
    box = list(
      visible = T
    selectedpoints = list(tail(df$column, 1)),
    meanline = list(
      visible = T
    x0 = 'P violin plot'

fig <- fig %>%
    yaxis = list(
      title = "",
      zeroline = F


Wauw this forum is just dead…to bad…literally no replies on my previous dozens of questions…

Helooooowwww??? Anone here on this forum? Someone from Plolty maybe???