How can I show a selected column value on hover over points

How can i show a selected variable value on hover over points on LHS and hide all other hover_data values
( Note not the value of y axis )

import as px

df =
fig = px.violin(df, y=“total_bill”, box=True, # draw box plot inside the violin
points=‘all’, # can be ‘outliers’, or False

Answering myself but stuck with annotation offset because x axis is not given

annotate_dict = {0: [‘var1’, 1.946],
1: [‘var2’, 1.8941],
2: [‘var3’, 1.867],
3: [‘var4’, 1.72],
4: [‘var5’, 1.696],
5: [‘var6’, 1.668]}

boxplot_fig = px.strip(df,y=‘score’,color=‘stage’,color_discrete_map = {-3:‘red’,-2:‘orange’,-1:‘olive’,0:‘grey’,1:‘orange’,2:‘olive’,3:‘forestgreen’},stripmode=‘overlay’,hover_name=‘variable’,hover_data=[‘stage’,‘score’,‘thrust’])

boxplot_fig.update_layout(showlegend=False,width=500, height=800)

for i in annotate_dict: