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Webpage for BasicAuth

I understand as per dash.plot.ly/authentication

You can have BasicAuth and Plotly OAuth (I don’t need this as of now as I am using this dashboard as a test project for our university student research team)

Is there a way that you can use BasicAuth to provide access through another webpage?
I can create a flask login webpage using the underlying flask server i.e
server = Flask(__name__)

Then collect the passwords from that webpage and then pass it to BasicAuth to grant access?

Can this be done?

I looked at Flask-Login suport for dash but it might not work with the constant dash updates.
also https://github.com/gaw89/dash-flask-login seems not to work with deployed apps.

or is there any accepted way such as using flask-login to grant access to Dash? Any help here would be great. Thanks a lot.

The easiest would be to just let users sign-in with BasicAuth (might be sufficient for a test project).

I’m not exactly clear on where you want that flask login-page to run - on the same (dash) server?

I am running dash behind a reverse proxy (nginx), which could technically also handle authentication.