Web Bluetooth API in Dash App

Hi everyone–I was wondering if there was a way to call the Web Bluetooth API in a web app built in Dash. I want to collect data in real time from an Arduino module and create Dash visualizations. I was trying to run JavaScript in Dash, but I was unable to get the Bluetooth menu to appear. Can someone advise if this is possible, and if so, what the implementation might look like?

Hi @dsw, welcome.

Whether or not this is possible, I’m not really sure. But imho, it would be far better to build / keep this logic outside of DASH and fetch the data through an API decoupled from the device. There are many platforms who offer functionality for IoT related data gathering through standardized interfaces (not sure if any of them are free though). Many cloud providers offer such services as well as independent ones. added benefit is that these services include many additional configuration and management options.

For AWS there are these service AWS IoT| Industrial, Consumer, Commercial, Automotive | Amazon Web Services, which I think are even available in free tier for up to one year.


@dsw totally agree w @jcuypers

If you want examples of Dash being used in real-world w real-time workflows, the following might provide ideas: