Add PWA Functionality to Dash App

Hello, I am a new member of the community & very new to web development with python! I recently learned about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and they sound like a great way to give my apps a better feel on mobile. I’ve been attempting to convert an existing app, but I’m not having much luck. I’ve figured out how to implement some pieces of a PWA, like inserting meta tags, but I’ve been unable figure out how to implement important features like service workers or a manifest.

Does anyone know if their are any tutorials or examples of how to turn a dash app into a PWA? If not, does anyone have any advice for how I should tackle this problem? Thank you!

Hi @J-Walk ,
Welcome to the community.

Here’s a video on how to upload your Dash app to mobile via PWA.


I was not even aware this was a thing, definitely gonna tinker with this!


Thanks for the video @adamschroeder , that was exactly what I was looking for! The tutorial was clear & worked like a charm. I’m super pumped to start using this.

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