Is there a mobile app? iOS & Android

Hey, guys

May I ask if anyone has tried using Dash to make a mobile app? I found it very good to browse the Dash page on my phone. But I don’t want to enter Urls and log in every time. If there’s a mobile app, I think it must be great. And if it’s a mobile app, whether embedded or native, there are more features that can be implemented.

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Has anyone tried this? I’m asking the same thing

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Hi @stu and @lamaalqasem
thank you for bringing this topic.
you can find an answer here : Has anyone tried using Dash Plotly to make a mobile app? - Stack Overflow

This also might be helpful:

Thank you very much! You know what? I’ve watched that video before you replied to me. That’s awesome! This is a post from 3yrs ago, and today Dash has already come a long way. I love those new features! Thanks to the guys here for everything you bring to the world!

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This is Great. but wondering if anyone had attempted to use the dash application offline, Used beware or similar to do the transfer?

I am minding an app which may be used in remote locations(may/may not have internet). and will be useful to have the pure python app installed in the android

Hello @monitorcasalab,

Technically, dash doesn’t have to have the internet to be able to work. All routes would have to be self serving, instead of using external libraries. A computer can host dash and give the same functionality as long as they also have access to the data.

But if you are talking about the mobile app and using it when it is hosted somewhere else. I don’t think it would work well.

Even with service workers, the update components are post requests, which cannot be cached by a service worker.

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