Way to highlight datapoint from external event?

I have a plotly graph where I’d like to highlight a specific data point when something occurs outside of the plotly graph (there are other inputs/buttons outside of the plotly div).

  1. Specifically when I hover over some html elements (using onmouseover), I’d like a tool tip to pop up on a data point.
  2. Alternatively, I could also make a marker bigger or change its color. These last two make more sense to me as I’d just change the specifications about the marker and redraw the graph.

so for #1, the question is Is there a javascript way to make a tooltip pop up on a specific data point?

for #2, I tried this, but for some reason when I am using onmouseover and onmouseout to trigger redrawing a plotly graph, I get weird behaviour where the mouseout doesn’t redraw it back to the original format. It gets stuck on the highlighted form.

In either case, I want to trigger a js function to try to highlight a datapoint when a user hovers over some text (onmouseover) and go back to the original format (onmouseout).

Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks