plotly_hover event not getting triggered for al data points

plotly_hover is not getting triggered when there is a data gap consider I have a data point at 10 and another data point at 100. Two dots are joined by line (Interpolated) . The plotly_hover is triggred only we hover data points. Is it possible to get the event for all chart area where ever we hover event happens, without data point dependency.

Correct. plotly_hover is only fired on (or close to) user-provided data points.

One possible solution would be to simply add more points to your graph. You could maybe try to make these extra interpolated points transparent.

Interesting. What would be the event data is this case?

THank you so much for your response, Event data by means the x and y value where the mouse is hover.

Basically I am trying to compare two charts left and right. So, if a user hovers on the left graph I show the same value on the right graph. I will do a codepen and update you. Thanks again.