Hover or click event without data point proximity

I’m resuming a project where I need to be able to identify an x, y coordinate on the plot without adjacent data points, either click or hover. My request is related to the following from one poster from 8 years ago

and mine from a few years ago when I was chasing the same feature from a different perspective

I’ve since learned that the hover event is triggered based on hoverdistance ONCE, rather than repeatedly, so my attempt to make hover events trigger on the entire plot area fails, because it just triggers the closest point until another point becomes closer.

I had previously used the click event data through a few hoops to figure out appropriate scaling, and I’m realizing I may need to revisit that.

Any thoughts on getting an the mouse coordinates either by hover or click?

Use NaN to fill the GAPs

Example of what I did

        const data = await kLines(this.symbol, this.interval, this.limit)

        data.forEach((d, i) => {
            if(i) {
                while(d[0] - this.oTime[0] > intervals[this.interval].ms) {
                    this.oTime.unshift(this.oTime[0] + intervals[this.interval].ms)