Using a Raspberry Pi with Dash

Hi Everybody,
I’ve been working on this project for a week+ and I’m not finding the right documentation that I need to finish it. I’m trying to live stream data from Atlas Scientific Sensors through an Arduino shield hooked up to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. I’m using Python version 3.5. I am a beginner working with Rpi’s and python. I got a simple blink code up and working on the Pi with python and I was trying to get the blink’s data to be graphed in plotly/dash before I moved onto my sensors. Additionally, I even followed tutorials just trying to get a random graph in python to plot into plotly without any external hardware. Nothing worked and I tried out at least 4 different examples. Here are my questions and I am under a fairly strict time constraint to finish this project so do not hesitate to respond, anything helps!

A) A lot of the documentation I see uses Dash because Plotly Cloud no longer supports live stream. I haven’t been able to make Dash work either. Do I have to pay for Dash to be able to live stream or before I even hook up Rpi? Is there a free option? Are there any tutorials out there that are similar to my project and using the same versions of the pi’s and python as me?
B)I had a various amount of Pip errors in my terminal as well as syntax errors in Python even though I was doing exactly what the tutorial was telling me to do. What would you recommend me to do? Are these errors arising because the tutorial’s are using different version pi’s and python than me?

Please let me know if I can clarify anything or please attach any tutorials that might be helpful! Thank you so much!


Have you solved your “problem”?

Perhaps this demo would be interesting you… for example, writing live data from Arduino into a database (MySQL or InluxDB) to read from Dash