[Totally newbie] Realtime data on offline webpage

Hi to all, I’m totally newbie in plotly and I hope to write in right section.

I’m using Raspberry Pi with ADC board @100 SPS: I need to watch realtime data (updated every 2-3 seconds) on webpage for diagnostic/maintenance purposes.

I can simulate ADC readings using random function (I’m newbie in Python).
I would like graph similar to this one:

Issue 1:
I have no internet connection available, I can only directly connect to Raspberry web server.

Issue2: is there available template/example in Python?


Hi @elberto,

I think the best approach in your case would be to run a simple Dash server from your Pi.

I’d recommend working through the examples in the Dash user guide (https://dash.plot.ly/) on your Pi to get a feel for how things work. Then, check out the live-update section (https://dash.plot.ly/live-updates) for information on building a streaming-style application. If you decide to go this route and run into trouble, start a new forum thread in the Dash category.

Good luck!