User side, performance, standalone

Hi Dash people,

First of all, I would like to emphasize that I have minimal experience in front-end programming (I am much more of a data person).
I have been working for some time now on a bioimaging processing application. I got to the point where I would like users to use it on their images.
After deploying the app on the Heroku server, I have learned that it takes very long to upload an image.
In addition, I would like the user to point on a folder with the input images, then display the list of all the images in the local folder, upload them and save a CSV output analysis file to their local computer.
What is the preferred way to do so?
Can my application be converted to a standalone app, where users can simply install it on their local machine? The idea is that the user is not a programmer and would like to use the app to analyze images.

You might to check out the dash-uploader component,

If you want your users to upload many files, one option would be to upload a zip archive the images. It is possible to convert dash to a standalone app, but I haven’t tried it myself and it seems rather hacky, so I wouldn’t recommend that approach,

Thank you very much for your answer.
I will try the downloader option.

Do you know if the user can upload the directory where the images are stored?

I believe you should also be able to upload the whole directly simply by drag and drop.