Dash with local file access

Hello there,
I’m looking for some advice regarding my Dash program. I’ve written a lovely python script that retrieves data from a USB-Serial connection and saves the data as a CSV file locally. I also created a DASH app that reads and graphs the data with the live-update feature. If I am to host my DASH program on Heroku, how best would I go about executing the python script that retrieves the data and stores it on the users computer? From what I understand my only option is to start from scratch and use electron.js? Since I would need to access local files. Is this correct? Thank you.

Hi @romarcin would it be an option for your app to have a download button which the user could click, which would then trigger the download of the file? This would be the classical web way of doing things. Having the browser write to the disk seems to be possible in some cases but it’s discouraged for security reasons, and I don’t know about this would integrate with Dash.

@Emmanuelle. Thank you very much for your reply and advice. May I kindly ask for clarification? Were you suggesting that a download button contain an exe file for the script that retrieves the data from the USB-Serial and saves it locally as a CSV file? Would I be able to access the local file through DASH?
Thanks again.