Use Square Tile / Marker with Mapbox Scatter Plot

Currently it seems that we can only add circle shaped markers to the Mapbox Scatter plot (please correct me if I’m wrong here). I know that ‘symbols’ also exist, but I did not have success on being able to control the color of the symbols. Hence my question is, is there any support for adding squares or tiles as markers? (or any pointers on how I can try to modify code to be able to do this)?

As a reference, what I would like to do is something like this:

I know this is not using Dash, but it seems like it uses Mapbox as the underlying map and hence would really like the Dash version to have this kind of capability.

Hey @pocketchamp, it’s not exactly squares but if you want a map tiling you can use hexbin mapbox.


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If you really want to do colored square markers, it should be possible with the GeoJSON component of dash-leaflet. But looking at your example, i think the proposed alternative by @RenaudLN might be a better fit for your usecase.

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