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Plotly express scatter_mapbox and marker shape/symbol

Hi everyone!

I’m using a scatter_mapbox from plotly express to show data with a map.
I want special marker shape (like square, triangle, …) but my attempt were unsuccessful.
There is multiple examples with plotly graph_object but I can’t use this library since I work on an offline computer with its custom openstreetmap server.

short example from Mapbox Map Layers | Python | Plotly

fig = px.scatter_mapbox(us_cities, lat="lat", lon="lon", hover_name="City", hover_data=["State", "Population"],
                        color_discrete_sequence=["fuchsia"], zoom=3, height=700) #I want some shape/symbol for those data
            	"below": 'traces',
            	"sourcetype": "raster",
            	"sourceattribution": "OpenStreetMap",
            	"source": [


Any Idea ?

So far I tried
-to use graph_object marker with plotly express mapbox but only round shape works.
-to use graph_object mapbox with my custom layer but unsuccessfully, only blank figure.

thanks in advance !