Use filtered Dash Ag Grid column values to filter separate table

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to use filtered values from one Dash Ag Grid table to filter a separate Ag Grid table. Is there a simple way to save the filtered values of column X in table-1 as a list and use the list to filter col X in table-2?

Hello @kbally,

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Yes, this is available under the virualRowData prop of the first grid. That should allow you to apply your filters to the underlying data of grid #2.

You could potentially take a stab at writing to the filterModel prop of the second grid, but I havent worked with that just yet.

Thanks @jinnyzor ā€¦ worked like a charm. Iā€™m now having trouble with persistence of the filtered table when I open the tab with table 2. Upon return to the first tab, the table has reset. Any tips to resolve?

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I think you need to list the prop in the persisted_props to be able to bring it back.