Use dev tools UI to create chat bot interface


As LLM’s usher in a new era of chatbots and useful text interfaces then I would like to add a chat like component to many of my dashboards. For instance something like this interface using the chatscope react components.

And essentially the functionality is already there in the form of the dev tools menu when setting debug=true. Is it possible to access the dev tools menu and create a chat interface instead (have looked through the dash github repo but seems like the devtools menu is a react component),

Is anything like the above possible?. :blush:

I probably wouldn’t try to mcgyver or mess with the dev tools UI since that’s baked into dash/plotly. Also, the dev tools wouldn’t be turned on in prod.

Instead i’d use something like DMC’s affix component to build that out.


Hi @tphil10

do you know about an example dash app that uses the Affix component to implement a chat-like interface? I think I need some inspiration to understand how this component could be used.


Thats a bit off topic, but if you want to build a chatBot UI, you can find inspiration here: