(super) easy deploy dashboard

Hey all, I build a dash app UI for render deploys!

It allows you to open your dash application in your browser, and generate the necessary required render files for you. It really simplifies the process of uploading your app to the site!

If you would like to give it a go, do:

pip install dash-tools --upgrade
dashtools gui

This project is still new, so definitely let me know if there are any bugs or issues.

Looking forward to your feedback!


Hi @andrew-hossack ,

this looks really nice! I will try deploying my autum challange app using your project :muscle:


looks awesome. I’m going to try this out and I encourage other to try it as well. It should make deploying your open source app even easier than before.

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Hi @andrew-hossack

I’m trying to use dash-tools to deploy an app that uses the dash-mantine-components library but dash-tools unfortunately requires an older version of dash-mantine-components that’s missing really important updates. Image attached,

Would be really helpful if this can be changed. Thank you!

Hi @andrew-hossack ,

This looks like a nice application. If you could add Gitlab support to dashtools that’d be greatly appreciated. (Currently, dashtools only works with Github, but Render works with both.)


Hey there @user2 , thanks for the suggestion. Currently I have stopped supporting development on this project, but if you would like to make that change feel free to open a PR!


Hey @mo.elauzei I’ve stopped supporting dash-tools but if you want to open a PR for this, it should be a really simple fix. Thanks!


that awesome !!
but why when I tried to run following command in the terminal of visual studio code “dashtools gui”
gave me below error.