Use bar chart and average line on facet grid

I want to plot facet grid with barcharts and average line for each facet. Example of desired result of one graph can be seen on the image here but the final figure should have multiple graphs like that, each in a facet.

I have tried the solution from this question, but I didn’t find a way to use it with facets. I’d like to use facet_col option as it draws as many plots as distinct values in the column.

Ideally, I want to have these two figures displayed on one (the code below is not syntactically correct, just to give understanding)., x='category', y='user_count',facet_col='domain', facet_col_wrap=4)
    px.line(df, x='category', y='user_count_avg',facet_col='domain', facet_col_wrap=4)