Upload file and use it

i want to upload file (excel file ) and to call it in function to do (preprocessing and machine learning )

i find a way to choose and upload file but i didn t arrive how to call it

Hi @firas, could you please provide a working sample of your code?
It would make it easier for the community to help you.

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Thank you ! i want to replace pd.read_excel with upload button
the user will upload the excel file then there s some function that will take thak file as paramtres ( like filling-values(dataframe) … )

help my friends !

Please take a look on the first example of the dcc.Upload documentation:

In the example you can upload multiple files and it renders each csv/xslx as a DataTable, but it is easy to change it to use a single file and do whatever you want with the imported pandas Dataframe.¨