Dash Upload -- Upload Excel File

Been using and finding Plotly and Dash awesome for work and volunteer side projects for a local non profit. I deployed a website for them that is a Dash dashboard but it requires files to be sent to me and read each time. I want to use the upload component to add an interface for functions to render the same charts if the staff there upload new standard format exports – always excel spreadsheets.

The example in documentation works for csv like a charm but I get an error each time I try to upload an xls or xlsx file If is is not an excel file that I previously opened and saved changing the filetype from csv to excel. Is there a way (outside of what is posted in the example docs) to upload an excel file? Or and additional document that can help me understand how to get past this?

Thank you in advance. First forum post : )

After some more research on this, I was able to figure it out. Please disregard. Back to playing around with the dash core components and upload. Thanks