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Upload component and tabs component are not working together

I have included upload component in my code using dash-core-components==0.14.0.
And tab component have been included in dash-core-components==0.13.0-rc5. Which version of dash core components will support both these functionalities?


@chriddyp rebuild the Tabs components from the master branch few days ago ( With the latest version of dash-core-component (0.21.0rc1) both Tabs and Upload works for me.

In [4]: import dash_core_components as dcc

In [5]: dcc.__version__
Out[5]: '0.21.0rc1'

In [6]: dcc.Tabs
Out[6]: Tabs

In [7]: dcc.Upload
Out[7]: Upload

Btw, I hope to see the Tabs components in the standard release soon :smiley: ! That’s a super work!

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